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Assembly Operator: Responsible for assembly of small or medium sized parts, fitting and/or adjustment of interrelated parts and/or assembly, adjustment and repair of subassemblies and major assemblies. May involve mechanical, optical and electrical/electronic operations. Requires use of wide range of hand and power tools, electrical or machanical fixtures and gauges, standard measuring devices such as dial indicators, micrometers or voltmeters, drills, jigs, fixtures and light materials.

Fore more info on this position:

Training for this position includes benchmarks or levels of specific skills that the employee demonstrates once the goal is reached. Each level requires more knowledge and more cross functional skills. The overall goal of these levels is to help employees grow by providing a road map on skills and knowledge they need to gain and master. Once the employee reaches a Technician level, they will be well cross trained and able to move throughout a department and to other departments based on business needs.

The LISK team is continuously driven by the skills, experience and dedication of their employees. LISK is devoted to attracting exceptionally talented individuals for their professional, technical and advanced manufacturing employment opportunities.

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