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Workplace Culture at Henkel = Respect and Support

Margarette Jean-Claude

Margarette Jean-Claude, Facilities Service Specialist – Margarette, who is originally from Haiti, started working at Henkel over 11 years ago.  She is one of the many joyous people at Henkel and is a friendly voice who is always quick with a welcoming “Good Morning” or a warm afternoon “Hello”.  She came from the healthcare business where she worked as an aide and first started working at Henkel as a temporary employee.  Her original position was an entry level packer, but she progressed to train as a production coordinator in the manufacturing area before moving into her current role supporting the Geneva plant as a Facilities Service Specialist. 

Margarette enjoys the people atmosphere and team environment at Henkel.  She identifies herself as a “talker” and and tells everyone, “Henkel is good for me!” as she enjoys the visibility her facilities job gives her to help people across the entire plant.  This includes communicating on a first name basis with production workers on the floor, connecting with the senior leadership and the rest of our support staff at Henkel.  Margarette connects with everyone and is well respected at Henkel as she leads by example through her diligent attitude and by working hard to accomplish her job tasks on a daily basis. 

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