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William (Bill) Scott, Finger Lakes Extrusion President

Over the last 40 years, Bill has developed a deep understanding of the extrusion process. He started his career at Canandaigua Plastics in 1980, moved to the Nalge Company in 1983 and purchased Finger Lakes Extrusion in 1998. He is the go-to guy on difficult jobs where he offers great troubleshooting techniques and tips. Bill oversees the entire operation, enjoying his time on the production floor more than any minute in the office. If he isn’t in the office or on the production floor, he’s on the golf course.  Bill encourages you to come work for Finger Lakes Extrusion because you will feel like a valued member of the team.  Each person that at Finger Lakes Extrusion plays a vital role in the success of the business.  Additionally, management and the president alike are available and approachable for questions and support.

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