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The Future of Advanced Manufacturing

Executive Summary: Future of the Technician Workforce Study

Rapid technological advancements and increasing global competition are creating the need for a new generation of highly skilled technicians with a robust understanding of product lifecycles and supply chain dynamics as well as expertise in key manufacturing trends including automation, data exchange, robotics, artificial intelligence, IoT platforms, and other aspects of Industry 4.0. Many institutions are developing workforce development strategic plans to remain competitive; several manufacturers are even partnering with highly capable educational institutions including community colleges to foster the next generation of workers with in-demand skillsets covering the use of flexible, intelligent, and autonomous Industry 4.0 technologies.

On November 5, 2019, Monroe Community College (MCC) convened 100 regional stakeholders and employers from 80 organizations across the Finger Lakes regional area to participate in a one-day workshop to (1) determine the regional impacts of Industry 4.0 and transformative technologies on Finger Lakes regional businesses, and; (2) identify the future technological competency, knowledge, and skill requirements of regional employers. The primary focus of this resulting study will inform the revision of existing, and development of new, technical training and academic programming at MCC.

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