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Resiliency During a Pandemic and Forward Vision

The performance plastics industry is on a strong trajectory.  They are integral to many medical applications and played a key role in the fight against COVID-19, contributing such things as tubing for ventilators, face shields, barriers, IV bags and many other essential items.  The performance plastics industry focuses on delivering high quality materials to their customers that are also environmentally friendly.  Many of the manufacturers of these plastic products are leading the charge on plastics recycling with massive recycling centers at their sites.  Finger Lakes Extrusion is no exception to this with a solar array that offset 85% of its annual electric usage, reusing all off spec material back into their process, partnering with other processors to take any of the scrap that they are unable to use to be used into their process.  The diversity in their customer base is also another strength of Finger Lakes Extrusion.  They are not solely dependent on any one industry and therefore are consistently busy, never having to implement a lay off or work share program.

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