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Grow with the Lisk Team!

In 2017, I didn’t know what I wanted to be. I can honestly say that I was lost regarding my career path. Then I was given a chance, even when I had no experience. I heard about G.W. Lisk from my father, who had spent 30 years working here, and I knew it would be a good opportunity and gave it a try.

When I started, I worked on one of our assembly lines in Commercial Valve products. I learned everything about the parts and each step it took to build them. I was promoted to Level 2 Assembler after just one year and I knew I wanted to continue to learn and grow with the company.

Kara Bloomer, Lisk team member since 2017

January 2019, I was given the chance to be a Set-Up Technician in the Mobile Industrial Solenoid group. I was trained how to program brand new machines where we did multi-spindle windings. I was able to see exactly how a coil was made and was able to adjust programs to create a high precision winding. I graduated the CNC winding machine set-up training program in April 2020. I had additional opportunities with Engineers and our HR group, and decided it was time to continue training in the product I was making and make a career out of it.

I started my degree as a Mechanical Engineering Technician with FLCC in the fall of 2019 and continue as a part-time student. In February 2021, I was selected for our Operations Leadership Development program. I am ecstatic at the progress I have made in the last four years. Our company has given me many opportunities to assist me to a successful career. Recently, I was transferred back to the Commercial Valve group to begin training to be an Assistant Production Supervisor. I love this company because they care about me as a person and gave me a chance to establish a career. Lisk will give you the tools you need to be successful and is much more than a job. – Kara Bloomer

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