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Finger Lakes Hires: Have You Heard? RBJ: The Power100 List

Banking and finance, education, law, manufacturing, technology, and healthcare industries, along with the nonprofit sector played a significant role in helping our local area not only survive, but thrive, throughout the pandemic.

Rochester Business Journal has compiled a list of 100 innovative community leaders who provided much needed guidance throughout the last two years and we are thankful to them all, but special thanks to

  • Our Board Chairperson and Optimax Systems CEO, Rick Plympton
  • President & CEO of Finger Lakes Health, Dr. Jose Acevedo
  • CEO of O’Connell Electric, Victor E. Salerno
  • President and Chairman of Wilmorite Management Group, Thomas C. Wilmot
Rick Plympton, CEO, Optimax Systems

When asked about his biggest success in 2021, Mr. Plympton said, “It’s not my success, but the success of our team at Optimax. With focus on our mission — Enabling customer success and employee prosperity — we grew revenue by more than 30% and hired about 80 new employees”.

Dr. Jose Acevedo, President & CEO, Finger Lakes Health

Dr. Acevedo’s expectations for 2022: “In 2022, we expect to see a change from the COVID-19 pandemic transitioning to COVID-19 being characterized as an endemic disease. I anticipate that we will return to pseudo-normalcy. We look forward to hospital capacity normalizing and to be able to operate our health system with a focus on more traditional operations.”

Victor E. Salerno, CEO, O’Connell Electric

Victor Salerno’s shared that “COVID-19 has taught us to be prepared for constant change in dealing with an unknown ‘Black Swan Event.’ None of us saw this coming and we look forward to a reasonable COVID-19 conclusion in 2022.

Thomas C. Wilmot,
President and Chairman
of Wilmorite
Management Group

Mr. Wilmot’s favorite thing about the Rochester community? “Rochester is a wonderful community to raise a family. There is excellent primary and secondary education and college opportunities. Wonderful outdoor recreational opportunities.”

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