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Finger Lakes Hires: FLCC President Served Nation and Community

A 30-year veteran in the U.S. Army who retired as Colonel, Dr. Nye was deployed to the Republic of Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq and served as Chief Strategist for the Deputy Commanding General of U.S. Forces in Iraq. During the later stage of his military career, he  joined the faculty of the Army War College, where he taught courses such as strategic thinking and leadership, and eventually moved into administration as Deputy Dean and Deputy Provost.

His time at the Army War College gave him a different perspective on leadership that served him well when he joined Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology and FLCC. “I joke that sometimes I had a lot more control in a combat zone than I do in a college. When you’re in the urgency and exigency of activities, you can say, ‘let’s do this,’ and we go and do it. In a college and other environments, you need to be able to develop coalitions of folks, influence and persuade, and help build momentum. It was all about transitioning from doing active leadership to being more of an influential leader.”

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