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Finger Lakes Features: COVID-19 and Your Workforce Employer Survey

In an effort to better understand the workforce needs of businesses in the region during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Finger Lakes Workforce Investment Board developed a survey in May.  Surveys were e-mailed out to 800 employers of which 90 responded. Information provided will be used to help develop responsive workforce development services.  Below is a brief summary:


  • Responses were from a wide range of industries including Advanced Manufacturing (19%), Agriculture (17%), Healthcare and Human Services (13%), Construction (12%), Accommodation and Food Service (11%), Transportation (8%), and Retail (7%). 13% of respondents were from other industries not listed.
  • 54% of responding employers said they did not lay off any employees while the remaining respondents laid off a total of 965 workers.
  • When asked if they had a plan to bring back workers 30 employers said yes, 40 said the question did not apply to their circumstance and 10 employers said they had no plans.
  • The majority of responding employer said they added PPE, social distancing or sanitizing protocols to the workplace.

COVID-19 and Your Workforce

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