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Employers Resources

To post a job with New York’s Job Bank visit:

Services for Business

…to find, train, and retain the right person…

  • Core Services:
    • Employer Orientation
    • Employment Recruitment
    • Employment & Performance Statistic
    • Support Services
  • Intensive Services:
    • Human Resource Consultation
    • Account Manager
    • Employee Retention Services
    • Employee Skills Information & Services
    • Economic Development Information
    • Assisting with Downsizing and Layoffs
  • Training Services: (maybe a fee)
    • Pre and Post Employment Skills Training
    • Workplace Literacy and Basic Skills Training
    • On the Job Training including Upgrades
    • Apprenticeship
    • Supported Work and Job Coaching
    • Employee Skill Training
    • Supervisory Training
    • Try out Employment
    • Entrepreneurial training
  • For Locations & Contact Information, see
  • OJT Brochure
  • OJT Flyer

Offsite Resources

Economic Development

Several economic developments and industrial development agency offices provide services to employers.

Information is available at the following sites:

More information is available at the below Chamber of Commerce sites: