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Finger Lakes Emerging Workforce!

Employers AllowedWhy do we need the business community to be involved? We need business leaders to be role models and mentors to teach the youth of today how to be our future workforce. In this role, businesses have the opportunity to bridge skills gaps and help youth succeed. Statistics show that young people who have positive adult mentors are more likely to graduate high school, obtain and maintain employment, and have improved interpersonal skills (

This is where our business community comes in! Connecting young adults with employers who are willing and able to not only supervise, but mentor, is a crucial step for our youth to build the skills they need to be successful in work and in life! Please contact us today for more info on how you can directly help the emerging workforce in the Finger Lakes – Amanda Lesterhuis, Youth Systems Coordinator, or 315-789-3131 ext. 104.

Ways that the Business Leaders Can Help

  • Work Experience — Eligible youth can be interviewed and selected by a business/organization to work in an entry-level position for experience and career exploration. The service provider, not the business, pays the youth minimum wage and covers Workers Compensation costs, etc. The service provider’s youth staff provides case management, any necessary support services and follow up services. The business provides training, supervision and maintains timesheets. Often times this is a youth’s first experience learning the responsibilities of the world of work; punctuality, cooperation, taking direction, proper attire, dependability and business ethics. The length of time a youth is in Paid Work Experience is determined prior to the start date.
  • Ongoing Counseling and Guidance — This function can be provided by the business, however, the service provider is committed to continuing support of the youth so that he/she will be successful in their employment and eventually become self-sufficient. If a participant is having difficulty on the job, youth staff can be called upon to assist with job counseling and support.

The Finger Lakes Workforce Investment Board Youth Committee sponsors programs and services specifically designed for economically and disadvantaged youth in the Finger Lakes region. The focus of these programs is to reinforce positive social and employment skills through youth development activities and events. The Youth Council and their partners connect the business community with youth as advisors and trainers to promote academic learning as it relates to the workplace.