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Business participants needed for Teacher Ambassador Program

To support the design and implementation of career-readiness curricula statewide, the New York State Department of Labor is in partnership with the New York State Education Department for the New York State Department of Labor 2024 Educator Career Development Ambassador Program, a four-week summer training for teachers, librarians, and counselors in Grades 6 to 12 to develop, implement, and deliver 21st century career-readiness curricula or strategies to New York’s students.

Today’s students will be tomorrow’s workforce. Teachers and counselors already serve on the frontline and have the potential to shape the workforce. Each day in the classroom, teachers are working with students to identify their interests and develop their knowledge and skills, in turn helping them to prepare and learn skills to be best prepared for career or higher education opportunities.

Learning Objective

  • Business immersion with tours of local business/industries (e.g., healthcare, advanced manufacturing, information technology, financial services, etc.) 

Dates available for a TAP visit to your business between 1pm and 4:30pm:

Wednesday, July 10th
Friday, July 12th
Tuesday, July 23rd
Wednesday, July 24th
Thursday, July 25th
Friday, July 26th

If your business would be interested in participating, please contact Darlene Russell. Participants will receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the Department of Labor.

Darlene Russell (They/Them)
Business Services Representative
Rochester Multi-Agency EAP Coordinator
New York State Department of Labor | Business Services
Office: 585-258-8875 |

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