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ABX Culture

Chris Donahure

Hello, my name is Chris Donahue, and I am a proud member of the ABX family. I started my career within the company 12 years ago as a demounter (person that gets jobs ready). I did this for 6 months until a position in the plate making department became available and I was moved over to train on making photopolymer plates.

Because I wanted to move up in the company, I took a nighttime position in the plate room and became a group leader after only 1.5 years. In my 5th year, a Supervisor position opened in my department, so I applied was interviewed and selected for the position.  The good thing about ABX in Macedon is that there is always an opportunity to move up.

A year after being in the supervisory role I was chosen to learn about continuous improvement projects and was sent to Kansas for training. Since becoming a Continuous Improvement team leader, I have completed 7 projects saving over 1 million dollars and counting for ABX.  ABX has given me the freedom to express myself in ways no other company would ever let me. The opportunities are endless here and I recommend anybody looking for a job to give us a shot. You won’t regret it.

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