Welcome to the Finger Lakes

Clean Air, Water, A Great Climate!

So it snows a little in Upstate NY… Look at what we have….

  • The Finger Lakes region boasts some of the cleanest air in the United States. We have an abundance of crystal clear water…both to use and to enjoy.
  • Our climate ranges from the high 90 degrees (F) in summer to 0 degrees (F) in winter. With prevailing Westerly winds, it is ever changing.
  • Four distinct seasons, including the budding of Spring, warm and sunny Summer, the glorious colors of Fall, and the beauty of virgin snow in Winter all assure relief from boredom.

Quality of Life

The Finger Lakes Region offers an excellent quality of life…truly a gem within the United States. With the sun reflecting off our gentle lakes, between the rolling hills of farms and vineyards, the Pace of Life has an unhurried and humanistic tone. One truly can “smell the flowers”.

Our economy is becoming more robust every year so people can live in our small cities and towns with no need to commute outside the region. We even have billboards along highways asking “Why Commute?”

Cultural opportunities abound. If one has a yen for Big City stimulation and events, Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo-Niagara Falls, even Toronto are all within an easy drive.


The Finger Lakes Region invites us to invigorating activities. The hills and lakes provide the setting, our 4 seasons the challenge…

  A few examples… Spring Summer Fall Winter
  Auto Touring X X X X
  Boating & Canoeing X X X  
  Fishing X X X X
  Hiking X X X X
  Motor Sports X X X  
  Music X X X X
  Painting & Photography X X X X
  Skiing – Downhill & X-Country       X
  Snowmobiling       X
  Swimming X X X  
  Whitewater Rafting X X    
  Wine Tasting X X X X

Economic Development

Several economic development and industrial development agency offices provide services to employers.

Information is available at the following sites:

More information is available at the below Chamber of Commerce sites: