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Finger Lakes Hires: Have You Heard? You can chat with a NYS Department of Labor Employment Counselor on May 13th

Employment Counselors provide advice, insight, and resources to aid job seekers in making important career decisions. Join this one hour open ‘chat’ to ask NYS DoL counselors any questions about job searching, resumes, interviewing techniques, cover letters and career paths, while also learning from the other participants’ questions and topics. Any of these can be stressful if you’re not sure where to look or where to start.

Ready to learn more? Make an appointment with your local Finger Lakes Works Employment Counselor

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Finger Lakes Hires: Have You Heard? ETS Sponsorship program here to help transitioning service members

The ETS Sponsorship Program™ operates exclusively to promote social welfare for transitioning service members, Veterans, and the communities where they live.

The ETS Sponsorship Program connects with you a year before you leave the military. Transition can be a challenge, and they want to support you with the time and information needed to get your best outcomes.
You get a Sponsor from your future community. No federal program or website can give you the ground truth better than someone already living in your future hometown.

ETS stay with you…both on active duty and as a Veteran.

You control your own data. This is about you.

Designed by Vets for Vets.

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Finger Lakes Hires: Have You Heard? Success in the workplace “redefined”

“In the latest revealing survey of 4,510 office workers from several countries, seven in 10 respondents indicated that they’d pass up a promotion in favor of the opportunity to work from anywhere, any time. That’s an eye-popping number, and one that leaders would be wise to pay attention to.”

How do companies retain employees when the old rules no longer apply? Read this Inc. article to see what some workers really want.

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Finger Lakes Hires: Have You Heard? Lori Parish Promoted at Generations Bank

Congratulations to our Vice-Chair, Lori Parish, on her promotion! We’re proud to work with Lori in serving the Youth of the Finger Lakes!

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